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November 21, 2015 Blog Post #1

Welcome to Wild Lake Press. I've been writing technical books for years. The first two were done in the traditional way-write the copy, then submit it to the publisher, and wait and wait while it made its way through the many people who were part of the process. This would include several different types of editors, a cover designer, and so forth. It took forever to see the fruits of my labor! Not to mention, they took most of the profits. Today, there are better options. My wife and I formed this publishing company primarily to publish my own books. I took the 900-page DataPower Handbook, which was published through a traditional publisher in 2008, and began the process of breaking it into more digestible volumes, along with my excellent co-authors, and publishing it through this new company. I just wrote and published a book on selling your own home, titled "Show and Sell, Selling Your Home Today: A Cautionary Tale." We sell and distribute these books primarily through Amazon.com, as paperback and Kindle e-book. We are branching out to publish books that we find viable from other authors, to save them from the same drudgery of trying to go the traditional route. So, if you are an author with a good concept, and a record of quality writing and an established expert in your field, let us know!