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It was exciting to see Show and Sell at the #1 position in Amazon Best Sellers in the Real Estate category recently! Please help us by writing a review if you enjoyed the book, and recommending it to your home buying/selling friends via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. We have some upcoming promotions for Show and Sell beginning December 24, 2015 through December 31. One is Kindle Countdown, where the eBook will start out at 99 cents and gradually increase back to its retail price of $4.99 throughout the week. Also, we are working on the audiobook version of Show and Sell, which will be available on Audible/ACX and iTunes. Finally, our author teams are in the final stages of the DataPower Handboook Volumes III (DataPower Development) and IV (DataPower B2B and File Transfer). Look for them soon!