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Love-Bot: DroidMesh Trilogy Book 2 Paperback

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Signed and inscribed (if you wish) paperback! The essence of a robotic scientist's late wife now exists in one of his sentient creations. 

A firmware flaw has surfaced in an overly ambitious project to mesh android and human brains. The android population on Novae Terrae now have human emotions—and human flaws. Robotics scientist Harley Harris wants a peaceful coexistence between both groups, who share a planet that humans have escaped to during the apocalypse on Earth. The androids, led by a gynoid who schemes for Harley's heart, have their own plans. 

Will Harley Harris choose the android over his human love interest? Is it really love that she's after?

★★★★★ "This is a fascinating futuristic sci-fi that I recommend."

★★★★ "The whole concept is all too real to me, and yet draws me to it, like a child covering her eyes at the scary parts, yet peeking through her fingers to see what’s happening!"

★★★★ "Happy reading for those that love a good twist in a story line."