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Show and Sell 2023: Selling Your Home Today, A Cautionary Tale Audiobook

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NEW 2ND EDITION UPDATE FOR 2023! A hilarious guide to saving thousands of dollars marketing and selling your home with standard 'For Sale by Owner' (FSBO) or flat-fee MLS. Great for home flippers, sellers, OR buyers (now includes a full chapter on buying homes, as well as tips throughout for buyers).

Two real-life case studies are presented in detail, with lessons learned, tips, and hacks. One case study in a buyer's market, and one in a seller's market.

The traditional way of selling real estate has been disrupted. FSBO has changed from the days when you put the ugly red and white sign out front. There are new approaches that benefit sellers and buyers.

The choice between FSBO and using listing/selling agents the old-school way is no longer binary. New options make it easier for homeowners to find the right process for themselves. Visionary realty companies now offer flat-fee MLS, which eliminates expensive commissions and helps to expedite the process, put the power back in the hands of buyers and sellers, and save both parties money.

This book examines those choices, and walks you through the selling process from start to finish using real-life experiences, from historic decisions to closing. It is indeed a 'Cautionary Tale' due to the many pitfalls and bizarre events that occurred along the way. In conclusion, the author poses the question—is it wise to buy a home at all anymore? Should we just rent?

***** Five Stars The great thing about this book is it puts all the info right in one place for a very reasonable price, giving you an up-to-date summary of how to do FSBO in the modern marketplace. I highly recommend it! W Chef (1st Edition Review)

***** Five Stars This is a great read. Having just gone through selling our house and buying a new one I can relate at many levels. And the author uses an engaging writing style. Alex P, Vine Voice (1st Edition Review)

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